Visibull Site Update – One Step Closer to Release. A Little Review of new Features

The [Visibull][1] service that I have been using kiosk based displays in various locations has been updated! The update is lovely. The following blog post will discuss the features Visibull offers, and what they have added in their newest version. Remember, the site is still in beta, so anything I mention could be changed or removed at any point. Along with this there could be new features added at any point. This is a review of the current features, not what they could have.

The new interface is quite nice. Some may say it is not the most creative, or beautiful looking, however I think it is very nice. I prefer a minimalist clean style look especially for a site of this type. This is the type of site where only the managers of the displays are accessing. It’s not looks that matter here; it’s the functionality and ease of use which the site has. The new update has made it much easier to edit and find new things, especially when editing campaigns.

Visibull redesigned dashboard.

Visibull redesigned dashboard.

As you can see from the above screenshot it is very minimalistic and clean looking. I can see any recent changes made right from the dashboard which is incredibly handy when trying to figure out what changes other users may have made.

Not only does Visibull’s new update include a huge theme overhaul, but it also includes many functionality changes. The _templates__, _and widgets pages are now no longer existent. At first I was a little surprised and confused to find them missing, but then I realized I can edit them all from the campaign page now. Previously when I wanted to edit the campaigns layout, and widgets that were on them I had to switch through multiple pages. However I no longer need to do this; Everything is all in one place.

New Campaign Editor Image

New Campaign Editor

Looking at the above image you can see some different options. The widget editing is on the left side bar, along with a full screen viewing option and a save option (more about saving later). Clicking on a widget allows  for editing of the widget and all the normal options which the widget page had. This allows you to easily modify existing widgets and add/create new ones.

The new widget editing screen isn’t even the beginning of the changes to the campaign page. There is another big feature within the campaign editor. Templates! Templates used to be on a separate page and would be tedious to edit. Previously to the latest update we would need to make changes to a visually unappealing template editor, and use percentages to adjust things. Then a refresh of the presentation would be required and then you’d have to make more adjustments if the layout didn’t fit well. Luckily this has changed! In the campaign editor we can directly select the items seen right on the campaign editor interface. When they are selected sizing can be adjusted by dragging the corners, and you can drag around the items. This s a nice user friendly way to make changes. **


As an added bonus when you make any of these changes to the campaigns widgets, or layout you can simply hit save and the changes are refreshed live on the presentation. This means there is no longer a huge need to have something refreshing the page every so often to ensure the template is up to date, because it changes it live! Make a change, hit save, and boom within seconds the changes are updated live!


There are some other changes that were made in Visibull, which I may cover later in a more comprehensive review of the product at another point. However at this time I am just highlighting the new features I find useful. As I stated above I am not paid to advertise or promote the product, I am simply a very greatful beta user who really enjoys the software, and thinks it is very useful.

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