Using KeePass instead of LastPass for a Password Manager – Overcoming the problems.

I have made the switch to use KeePass (version 2.2), instead of using LastPass. At first I was very hesitant to switch to KeePass for various reasons.

  1. No auto form completion/auto logins.
  2. Having passwords across all my devices (computer, laptop, phone, tablet) was essential.
  3. All my passwords were on LastPass, I needed to move them all (thought it would be a lot of work)

It turns out I could meet all of these requirements quite easily actually.

Problem 1

Problem 1 was simple, I wanted to have the same form filling functionality that LastPass had. I did not want to have to go search a database and copy and paste in usernames and passwords. Luckily there was a nice Google Chrome Extension called chromelPass.

ChromelPass was used to fetch the usernames and passwords (sent encrypted) from KeePass. To accomplish this a plugin was needed. The plugin I used in combination with this was KeePasshttp, a nice little plugin to expose password entries securely (256bit AES/CBC) over HTTP.

The extension simply fills the forms. If there are multiple entries for a website then there is a selection box to choose which entry you want to use to fill.

Problem 2

I needed to have my passwords and usernames everywhere I go. Whether I be at work, home, or on the go I usually would have a need to get my passwords. Having them in an online based service like LastPass meant I had them anywhere I had internet access, which is basically everywhere. KeePass consists of a local database that the user manages, not any service.

For me to solve the solution I had to do what is often not recommended for secure based files. I decided to sync my files using dropbox. I am able to easily have access to the database anywhere. To keep it extra safe I do use a key and strong password with many rounds. I feel I am quite safe.

Problem 3

I downloaded the local standalone LastPass portable client which downloads all of your usernames and passwords. From the client I could simply export a .csv file, and then I just imported that right into a KeePass database. Simple. Actually, A LOT simpler than I anticipated.


Side note: Lastpass is a fine extension, I just found it was getting quite buggy, which is what gave me the reason for the switch to KeePass. I already had wanted to switch, but this pushed me over. LastPass is still a great service.

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