Mixcloud over Soundcloud

Generally Soundcloud is the majorily used service which many indie artists will post to. Sure the interface and site itself is great, but if you’re the type who wants to upload longer tracks, or possibly custom mixes you’re screwed, unless you want to fork out a lot of money every month. Personally in my own use case I am uploading hour long mixes. Well in Soundcloud there is a limit of uploading only 2 hours worth of music. This is not that bad if you’re uploading short songs, but when you’re uploading two hours of content every weekday, that limit gets reached pretty fast :). The music I am uploading is music being uploaded by my server via the Soundcloud API. For hour long songs the music I was uploading was actually quite small. I was uploading quite low bit rate mp3 files which were around 50mb for an hours worth of content. I’m sure many artists who upload files have much shorter lengths that surpass my file size. It is kind of funny thinking about it.

Therefore due to Soundclouds restrictions I was forced find other services. I stumbled upon Mixcloud, a service strikingly similar to Soundcloud, except with its own twist. It allows people to upload as much as they want and focuses more on allowing people to upload large mixes. You may wonder then, how do they make money? Well they make money by scanning your uploads looking for copyrighted songs. Therefore many of the songs in my mixes were being caught by their system. Now in most cases you would think that I would be in some kind of trouble, such as having my content removed. However this is not the case with Mixcloud. This is actually how Mixcloud makes money. They allow people to create tracklists, and in these tracklists. If you do not provide a track list, it will generated a track list filling in songs that are copyrighted, and at what points they play. This is actually very useful for what I’m doing, as it helps me determine what songs are used which is very handy. Overall their API is really no harder to use than Soundclouds, and provides decent error reporting about my uploads via the API. So far any problems I’ve had have been resolved quite well via their support team, which is great.

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