How I have gained from the internet

Throughout using the Internet since I was young I have learned most of what I know about computers through the internet. From programming to digital design, it has all come through self-taught elements I have picked up from web browsing. I partook in many forums when I was younger which is where I became inspired to program things.

At a young age seeing people make cool applications and helpful resources was quite amazing to me, and I really wanted to do the same. The feeling gained from making something that helps others was so great. It kept me going, and kept me learning.

People often ask where I learned things, especially my high school friends who are usually stunned by some of the skills I have, and how I have a professional based Web Development at my age. I tell them that I learned it from the internet. It is hard for them to believe, but yes I really did learn everything about programming from the internet.

The Internet is a great place, one that I hope stays an open network, not a censored network.

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