Google Chrome Developer Dashboard notification annoyance

A little short post just sharing an annoyance with Google Chrome Extension Developer dashboard since many people will not have seen this side. You have the option to enable “User Feedback” for your Chrome Extension. It definitely has the potential to be a great tool for both the developer and the user. Looking at a Chrome extension there will be a “Support” tab that appears at the top of the extensions page, and it will allow the user to leave feedback/bug reports and see replies from the developer. This is great for potential users as they can see if there are any current problems, and see if they are being addressed as well as see if the author is engaged in interacting with the user. A great easy way to get feedback and respond.

The problem however is that there are ZERO notifications for this. That is right, if a user leaves feedback or gives you a bug report you’ll have no idea unless you are vigilantly checking. I had 3 users all report the same issue to me about an extension I wrote and forgot about, and didn’t know the extension was broken until a month later when I checked the feedback and noticed these reports. You get absolutely no notifications, and even when you respond to the feedback, I don’t believe it will notify the user who left the feedback either.

This flaw alone makes the whole system quite pointless. Might as well turn the “User Feedback” option off and use Github issues or Uservoice. And it seems this is what almost every extension does do, and with good reason.

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