Enhancing the University of Guelph WebAdvisor Site

The goal to enhance the University of Guelph WebAdvisor website has begun, both visually and functionally. Take a look at the extension now: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/university-of-guelph-webs/knnopdbgcchdkhchkoikbmffcjfmfjeh .

I have now added some styling changes to the course schedule calendar view.

What are the changes?

Well I will let you know!

Use the screenspace!

We have different screensizes, don’t restrict us to a specific pixel dimension. The width is now a percentage based width. Some things look funny this way, however they will be cleaned up in versions to come!

Class schedule grid

The class schedule grid has been spiced up and here is how it looks now:

Class Schedule Grid

Class Schedule Grid

Currently planned next steps:

  • Make the wider width work better with the current elements on the page!
  • Enhance colour scheme
  • Add some new functionality
  • CHANGE THE LOGO! I know it looks bad, and I feel bad! I will be changing that as soon as I have time to make a better one!


Any suggestions or feedback can be left here!

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