Elearning – Why it does and doesn’t work

The whole idea of an elearning course is great! Superb even! I get to do work whenever I want on my own time with loose guidelines on due dates! Sure, this seems great! Except that this encourages me not to get things done.

Barely any due dates at all present on work, and no physical teacher presence means it is totally up to me to get work done, and there is no incentive to get it done, because I don’t lose any marks if I don’t get things handed in on time.

The course may be great if you lead a busy life in high school (pretty rare in High school), and you don’t have much time to get stuff done. Sure, it is good if you can motivate yourself to get things done and do your work, but honestly to me, it is just like extra spares.

To make this work we still need in class lessons here and there. We need to physically see a teacher for our online courses at least once a week. They can make sure we are on track and on schedule. Lets say we go with the once a week principle and we meet every Wednesday in a class with our teacher. Well at this point we would be able to ask any questions and get help with anything we need help with. Overall, it is not much extra time the elearning teacher needs to dedicate to their online course.

As of right now if I have a question, I have to try to write it down and text and send it to them by email and hope that I get a response within a day. In most cases though it is more than a day. At that point if I need to clarify what they told me, I need to wait even more time to be able to finish my work. There is no direct verbal line of communication available.

For an elearning course all that a teacher really needs to do is initially at the beginning of starting an elearning course is merge their existing classroom lessons onto the online modules. Once that is done all they need to do is mark material and any emails they get. They don’t even need to teach lessons. They essentially just take the notes they normally give in class and put them online, but without the lesson that would go with them.

It is almost as if they assume everyone taking the online course does not require much help, and that they do not need very constructive lessons. This is not true, we still need lessons, we don’t just want to read a note and call that a lesson for a week. We need some videos or something that give us the same lessons you would experience in class.

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