Back to University of Guelph and some Course 2 Calendar updates

It’s time to resume my journey back at UofG. I am going back to UofG after a brief detour at another school for a college program. Looking forward to completing my degree. In lieu of returning I have made sure my Course 2 Calendar tool is up to date as I also tried to do while I was away.

The hope is to add some new features to Course 2 Calendar that would be helpful to others. The idea is to make a tool that anyway can use, not just fellow tech nerds. I find many existing things out there aren’t too easy for anyone to just pick up and use, or they are confusing. Makes sense, UI work is hard, I suck at it just like everyone else!

Since sometimes errors happen on the Course 2 Calendar website or people are confused on how to use it I have added a Facebook Messenger chat support widget which connects you with a FB messenger interface to the Course 2 Calendar Facebook page. Hopefully this feature will be used if anyone has problems. Currently if there is an error I am notified by email and some browser info is logged. I also log the course info given to ensure I can actually reproduce any bug as I found in the past without such data there wasn’t much I could do.

I also need to add in a way to customize what the calendar data would look like, and automate figuring out the term end dates so that I don’t have to keep manually including that information.

This blog was just meant to be a little update on going back to UofG and some updates on Course 2 Calendar.

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