Actually Using the TV Screen in the Cafeteria

The television screen that currently resides in the cafeteria currently is not in use. I am going to be changing this for the coming year. has graciously allowed us to use an account free of charge for our school. I currently manage the presentations at the Univeristy of Waterloo, and utilize the same software. Visibull allows for easy mangment even for the less tech savvy. Having previous relations with Visibull due to the Universites affiliations, I was able to land the school this nice deal.

Visibull allows for many things, but this is not suppose to just be a promotion for the product, it is suppose to be an insight of what is to come for the screen itself. On the screen some planned things that will be displayed are:

  • Announcments
  • Twitter Feed
  • Weather
  • Clock

And as there is a schedule feature the display may change based on the time. If there is a big event coming up soon, then it is possible that a video may display for 10 minutes promoing the video during lunch, and then switch back to the regular programming. There is so much that is possible using this software, and they have not even fully released it yet. It is currently still in the beta  therefore there is a lot more to come!

With this new approach managing announcments and gettings news should be even easier.

Example Presentation of Display for Cafeteria