What I do to make commutes a little bit better Jul 01, 2018 I drive around a lot, whether that be for side-jobs like Uber and Skip the Dishes, driving back and forth to school (40-60 minutes), or even the many scuba diving trips around Ontario that can be quite long, I like to keep myself distracted with something other than music. I often find music can get a bit boring, but I’ll admit I am not that into music. If music is your thing go for it!
Back to University of Guelph and some Course 2 Calendar updates Jun 28, 2018 It’s time to resume my journey back at UofG. I am going back to UofG after a brief detour at another school for a college program. Looking forward to completing my degree. In lieu of returning I have made sure my Course 2 Calendar tool is up to date as I also tried to do while I was away. The hope is to add some new features to Course 2 Calendar that would be helpful to others.
Slack, Slack, Slack Sep 22, 2016 When people in the general population think of the word “slack” they may think of someone slacking off and not doing their work. However people in the tech field are likely to think of Slack, the team chatting application. In fact, maybe even many tech people don’t know about Slack as it is still fairly new. However a lot of people of the younger tech based generation likely know of it, and probably make use of it in their University.
Looking into the possibility of the transition from introversion to extroversion Sep 20, 2016 A question that I wondered is whether or not the scope of introversion and extroversion that applies to a person could significantly shift. If someone has grown up being introverted, staying at home not caring to do things, could they break this style of life and become a person who is extroverted, and not only goes out and is social, but enjoys these activities that they may previously not have
Setting up a quick and dirty image host Aug 21, 2016 I wanted to be able to host images on my own host that could be directly linked to without having to worry about other services. Sites like Imgur are great, except I would rather keep my images on my own host so that I can have access to them all easily. But I still wanted to use tools like ShareX to upload quickly and share images. Summary First off, let me explain what you’ll end up with.
How to use Google Chrome’s New Options v2 with your Extension Jan 11, 2016 Email Print Page Cleaner Options Google Chrome has a fairly new feature that allows “options” for extensions to appear in a popup page right in the extensions listing page. This means no new tab needs to open which makes things quite convenient. It still also allows you to use custom HTML and Javascript on this page which is exactly what I’ll be talking about here. I suggest starting off with reading the Google Chrome Extension Developer page regarding the options v2.
Email Print Page Cleaner Updated v1.1 Jan 08, 2016 Summary [Email Print Page Cleaner ][1] is a little tool that I created a while ago to allow people to remove the Gmail logo from pages that they wanted to print. It only removes the logo on the print page. Changes I’ll briefly go over the changes I have made to the project. Options page and Extra Removals What I have done now is added an options window which allows additional choice as to what to remove, and gives even more options of what to remove than before.
The Journey of the University of Guelph Course Schedule to ical (.ics) – A Google Chrome Extension turned Webapp Dec 28, 2015 Premise Before I delve into the journey, let me express what the premise is. Like almost any student across the globe I have courses that I am taking in school and I have various times and locations for all these courses. Some students are given a beautiful interface for seeing this data and given lovely tools such as the ability to export to a calendar. Our system gave no such option, and was displayed in a quirky format.
Google Chrome Developer Dashboard notification annoyance Nov 25, 2015 A little short post just sharing an annoyance with Google Chrome Extension Developer dashboard since many people will not have seen this side. You have the option to enable “User Feedback” for your Chrome Extension. It definitely has the potential to be a great tool for both the developer and the user. Looking at a Chrome extension there will be a “Support” tab that appears at the top of the extensions page, and it will allow the user to leave feedback/bug reports and see replies from the developer.
University of Guelph Web Enhancer Update! Jun 25, 2015 University of Guelph Web Enhancer has gotten an update! The extension now grabs information about new terms from my website so that when new terms come out, I don’t need to release an update just for the extension to work with the new terms, and it also means that the extension now supports all of the terms web adviser will display, not just one at a time. If you have any suggestions for new features or any issues feel free to let me know in the comments or via my email:
NetZero Hackathon – Community Spark (2nd Place!) Apr 13, 2015 A couple weekends ago I was part of the NetZero hackathon. The NetZero hackathon had the goal of assisting homeowners in some way with their NetZero home. Of course this area is pretty niche with not a huge user base yet so we decided to expand ours to target energy saving in general. The Problem and Idea A problem we thought that many NetZero homeowners faced is that they are a rare breed, there are not exactly many people like them yet and as such finding other like-minded homeowners is not an easy task, nor is staying in contact with them always easy.
A Browser Extension to hide the troll comments on YouTube – An Inside Look Dec 19, 2014


My contribution to the “Hide Fedora” project has mostly been providing the web backend for the extension itself. Before I get into details as to how the web backend works I’d like to provide some insight into the purpose of the extension. And from the original author, why he made the extension:

I created the extension to learn how to make browser extensions and what better way than making something that I could actually use – Extension Creator

And his answer to the future plans with the extension is a simple “World Domination” answer.

The Whole Process

How the Hide Fedora process works.


If you browse a lot of YouTube videos that you find on Reddit’s /r/videos subreddit you will notice that the comments of these YouTube videos are rather sabotaged by users identifying from /r/redditarmie (not linking this one). They post “troll” based comments posing as fedora wearing people, making fun of Reddit, and various types of people, including stealing people’s profile pictures and using them as their own. YouTube isn’t doing anything about it, and luckily I found the Hide Fedora project and noticed that the method of adding new users was rather old school.

  1. Find someone with a “Fedora” comment
  2. Go to their Google+ profile
  3. Get the Google+ profile ID from the URL
  4. Add this to a JSON file in a Github repo
  5. Submit a pull request

Enhancing the University of Guelph WebAdvisor Site Sep 29, 2014 The goal to enhance the University of Guelph WebAdvisor website has begun, both visually and functionally. Take a look at the extension now: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/university-of-guelph-webs/knnopdbgcchdkhchkoikbmffcjfmfjeh . I have now added some styling changes to the course schedule calendar view. What are the changes? Well I will let you know! Use the screenspace! We have different screensizes, don’t restrict us to a specific pixel dimension. The width is now a percentage based width.
How having a technical job as a High School student benefited me. Sep 09, 2014

Ah High School, those were the days, the days of a set schedule with nothing funny going on. That was only a year ago, however I don’t miss it at all, except for one aspect of it. The CO-OP experience. My high school was one of the few that offers a co-op program for mere high school students. I jumped at the opportunity to get my foot in the door, and hopefully gain experience in some type of programming area. So let’s get this post going shall we?

University of Guelph Schedule Exporter Sep 02, 2014 I have made a Google Chrome Extension which allows you to export your University of Guelph WebAdvisor schedule straight from your “Class Schedule” page. Check out the extension, and this detailed page on it.
How to setup Gryph Mail (University of Guelph Email) with Gmail Jul 26, 2014 Setting up Gryph mail in Gmail can be somewhat complex for doing it your first time, that is why I am making this blog post to quickly show how to add the Gryph mail account.   Start off by going to Setting -> Accounts and Imports Navigate down to the POP3 section and click “Add a POP3 mail account you own” : Once you click the button a window will pop up like so:
The Google Chrome Extensions that I use. Feb 26, 2014 Here are the Google Chrome Extensions that I use: Mediahint –> (See info on how to install in new Chrome versions) AdBlock Plus –> Ads disabled for sites I use. chromelPass –> Interact with KeePass CouchPotato –> Interact with CoachPotato’s Local App Enhanced Steam –> Useful for browsing steam online; adds lots of features. Extension Update Notifier –> I like to be informed when extensions are updated. Ghostery –> Privacy!
Using KeePass instead of LastPass for a Password Manager – Overcoming the problems. Feb 25, 2014 I have made the switch to use KeePass (version 2.2), instead of using LastPass. At first I was very hesitant to switch to KeePass for various reasons. No auto form completion/auto logins. Having passwords across all my devices (computer, laptop, phone, tablet) was essential. All my passwords were on LastPass, I needed to move them all (thought it would be a lot of work) It turns out I could meet all of these requirements quite easily actually.
How to use Mediahint After Google Chrome Disabled It. Feb 20, 2014 Chrome recently disabled third party extensions to be installed via a .crx file, and now require you to manually place the files in. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do that. Step 1 For starters make sure you have the .crx file from [Mediahint][1]. You can download it here. Step 2 Open the file in your favourite ZIP file manager, such as [7-Zip][2]. Open with 7-Zip  
Elearning – Why it does and doesn’t work Jan 16, 2014 The whole idea of an elearning course is great! Superb even! I get to do work whenever I want on my own time with loose guidelines on due dates! Sure, this seems great! Except that this encourages me not to get things done. Barely any due dates at all present on work, and no physical teacher presence means it is totally up to me to get work done, and there is no incentive to get it done, because I don’t lose any marks if I don’t get things handed in on time.
How I have gained from the internet Jan 14, 2014 Throughout using the Internet since I was young I have learned most of what I know about computers through the internet. From programming to digital design, it has all come through self-taught elements I have picked up from web browsing. I partook in many forums when I was younger which is where I became inspired to program things. At a young age seeing people make cool applications and helpful resources was quite amazing to me, and I really wanted to do the same.
Google Calendars “Where” Field Finally Gives Location Auto-Completion Dec 07, 2013 I’ve always wanted Google Calendar to suggest to me locations as I type names in. From movie theaters addresses to fast food addresses it is very handy to have an auto complete suggestion based system now! It is such a little feature, but it is the only feature I have been hoping for in Google Calendar for a long time now!
View who you creep the most on Facebook Dec 02, 2013 View who you creep the much with the following bookmarklet: javascript:(function()%7Bfunction%20creator(e,t,n)%7Bvar%20r=document.createElement(n);var%20i=document.createTextNode(t);r.appendChild(i);e.appendChild(r)%7Dfunction%20displayData(e)%7Bvar%20t=document.createElement(%22table%22);var%20n=document.createElement(%22thead%22);t.appendChild(n);var%20r=document.createElement(%22tr%22);creator(r,%22Name%22,%22th%22);creator(r,%22Score%22,%22th%22);n.appendChild(r);var%20s=document.createElement(%22tbody%22);t.appendChild(s);for(i=0;i<e.length;i++)%7Bvar%20r=document.createElement(%22tr%22);creator(r,e%5Bi%5D%5B%22text%22%5D,%22td%22);creator(r,e%5Bi%5D%5B%22grammar_costs%22%5D%5B%22%7Buser%7D%22%5D,%22td%22);s.appendChild(r)%7Ddocument.body.innerHTML=%22%22;document.body.appendChild(t)%7Did=requireDynamic(%22Env%22).user;url=%22//www.facebook.com/ajax/typeahead/search/facebar/bootstrap/?viewer=%22+id+%22&__a=1%22;x=new%20XMLHttpRequest;x.onreadystatechange=function()%7Bif(x.readyState==4&&x.status==200)%7Bsrr=JSON.parse(x.responseText.substring(9)).payload.entries;displayData(srr)%7D%7D;x.open(%22GET%22,url,true);x.send()%7D)() Or just drag the link below to your bookmark bar and click on it while on Facebook. DRAG THIS TO BOOKMARK BAR AND CLICK IT WHILE ON FACEBOOK.
Theme Change – Again Nov 24, 2013 Changed the theme on the page again. I finally think I am satisfied with the theme… at least for now.
Mixcloud over Soundcloud Nov 12, 2013 Generally Soundcloud is the majorily used service which many indie artists will post to. Sure the interface and site itself is great, but if you’re the type who wants to upload longer tracks, or possibly custom mixes you’re screwed, unless you want to fork out a lot of money every month. Personally in my own use case I am uploading hour long mixes. Well in Soundcloud there is a limit of uploading only 2 hours worth of music.
Visibull Site Update – One Step Closer to Release. A Little Review of new Features Oct 24, 2013 The [Visibull][1] service that I have been using kiosk based displays in various locations has been updated! The update is lovely. The following blog post will discuss the features Visibull offers, and what they have added in their newest version. Remember, the site is still in beta, so anything I mention could be changed or removed at any point. Along with this there could be new features added at any point.
Auto Recording Radio Station Features – Every Weekday Oct 09, 2013 Listen to awesome commercial free hours and street mixes from popular radio stations. 3 tracks about 1 hour each are uploaded every weekday. This is all done automatically. The 3 streams are recorded, and converted to mp3 formats. From this point they are then all uploaded to Mixcloud via API. The upload takes place at 7:05pm EST, so you may have to wait until 7:10-7:15 before the files appear on Mixcloud.
Update: New Appearance of the Cafeteria Display Aug 27, 2013 Here is what the new design looks like: Kiosk Display
Example Presentation of Display for Cafeteria Jul 16, 2013 Here is an example of what the display in the cafeteria could look like: HHSS Presentation Sample
Actually Using the TV Screen in the Cafeteria Jul 16, 2013 The television screen that currently resides in the cafeteria currently is not in use. I am going to be changing this for the coming year. Visibull.tv has graciously allowed us to use an account free of charge for our school. I currently manage the presentations at the Univeristy of Waterloo, and utilize the same software. Visibull allows for easy mangment even for the less tech savvy. Having previous relations with Visibull due to the Universites affiliations, I was able to land the school this nice deal.